Dispatch a designated team at the click of a button!!
Avoid individual calls - Avoid public panic - Alert designated members discretely yet distinctly!


Configurable Codes

Create as many codes such as Code Blue, Code Red, etc as per your compliance requirements demand. Compliance to a standard that is specific to your industry is as easy as 1-2-3.

Spoken (Voice) Alerts

Alerts are sent to correct response team members' phones. They can choose to play the standard emergency tone or a spoken alert in an accent they are comfortable with.

Configurable Response Teams

Create a response team for each code, with unlimited members in each team. Add/remove members whenever needed. Multi-team membership is also supported.


Not only can the person raising an alarm and administrator see the dispatch status, but various statistical reports available based on history of alerts helps you analyze vulnerabilities in the system and prevent mishaps in future.

One-click Dispatch

Default location of pre-mapped users is automatically read - no need to spend time in specifying!

Guest Access

Anyone who wishes to raise an alarm can do so - from the nearest computer or by calling a single number. There are no complicated access requirements to ask for help!